At Harvest Tax & Accounting, we have monthly four day weekends, which gives our team time to focus on things outside of business taxes and bookkeeping. Below is our four day weekend schedule for 2024!

January: We are closed January 12-15 to celebrate National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day.

February: We are closed February 16-19 to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

March: We are closed March 15-18 to celebrate National Companies That Care Day.

April: We are closed April 19-22 for National Hanging Out Day.

May: We are closed May 24-27 for National Grape Popsicle Day.

June: We are closed June 14-17 for National Smile Power Day.

July: We are closed July 4-8 for National French Fry Day.

August: We are closed August 9-12 for National Women’s Day.

September: We are closed August 30-September 2 for National Trail Mix Day.

October: We are closed October 18-21 for National Apple Day.

November: We are closed November 28-December 2 for National French Toast Day.

December: We are closed December 23-January 1 for Family & Friends Week.

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