As you are wrapping up your month or trying to get your finances in line there are a lot of items to keep track of. This is especially true of your business finances and bookkeeping. You can add a lot of stress making sure that you complete everything. By following this accounting checklist, you can help better manage your time and money.

Make and Send Invoices

You should make sure to record your income and expenses on a regular basis. That serves as a crucial part of staying on top of your finances. You want to make sure your customers received invoices. If there is a customer who isn’t paying their invoice be sure to send reminders to be sure you get the invoices paid. This will make it a lot easier when you are wrapping up your month or year.

Record Expenses

It is a good idea to keep track of all your expenses throughout the year. But if you have fallen behind now is a great time to catch up. Make sure that all your expenses are accounted for. This will help you find all the tax-deductible expenses your business qualifies for. It is easy to lose track of an expense but staying on top of it will allow you to manage your finances much better.

Pay Bills and Contractors

Paying bills and contractors on time is very important. You want to keep the people who are working for you happy, and you want to be sure that you are paying all of your bills on time. It is hard sometimes to keep track of them but when you figure out a system that works well for you, you won’t have any issue paying your bills and contractors on time.

If this accounting checklist sounds like a lot of work for you, it might be time to hire someone to help you with your business accounting needs. Hiring a bookkeeper is a great place to start. Contact us at Harvest Tax & Accounting today. We are a team ready to help you! We want to make your life easier during this holiday season and the end of the year! Contact us today to get started.