What is bookkeeping? At Harvest Tax & Accounting, many people know us for our tax planning and tax compliance services. In addition to the tax services, we also offer a monthly bookkeeping service. With bookkeeping services, we’ll help track all of your financial records on a monthly basis. Looking for someone to take over your bookkeeping so you can focus on other areas of your business? Let Harvest Tax & Accounting help and learn about bookkeeping basics.

What Bookkeeping Tracks

With bookkeeping, we’ll track all of the finances related to your business. Your bookkeeper keeps track of all financial records that happen daily. As a business owner, you likely have other areas of your business you focus on and may not pay as much attention to the day-to-day transactions that happen. Hiring a bookkeeper gives you the ability to do that.

Pairing Bookkeeping with Accounting Services

A bookkeeper mainly keeps track of day-to-day finances. An accountant is someone who can dig into the data provided by a bookkeeper to make financial recommendations about your business to help you save money. At Harvest Tax & Accounting, we have bookkeepers and accountants on our staff, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to your business finances.

We Give Real Data

Because we use both bookkeepers and accountants for your business finances, we can provide you with real data on the best ways to save money. We’ll meet with you on a regular basis to go over what we find with your finances and offer our best recommendations to help grow your business.

With the help of Harvest Tax & Accounting, you no longer need to wonder about bookkeeping basics. With our bookkeeping services, we’ll regularly update you on the financial situation of your company. Additionally, we’ll provide recommendations to help you save money. Looking for a bookkeeper? Contact Harvest Tax & Accounting today.