Bookkeeping We handle it, so you can focus on what matters most.

Guidance to Point You in the Right Direction

Bookkeeping should be simple. That’s why we go out of our way to make our onboarding process and beyond as easy as humanly possible. Running a small business can be tough, so we like to make it a little easier. You’ll save time, reduce stress, and possibly save some money. So, breathe easy. We can take it from here.

Experienced, Caring People Who Have Your Back

Technology is a beautiful thing – until you need to talk to a real person. At Harvest Tax & Accounting, we’ll handle all of your bookkeeping needs with a personal touch. When you call, we’ll answer the phone. When you email us, you’ll get a prompt (and thorough) response. We take care of our clients the way we would take care of family.

Real Data When You Need It Most

Our team takes the time to give you the information that is most relevant to your business right now. Every business – and their financial statements – has a story. Beyond just doing your bookkeeping, we’ll “read” the story of your statements to tell you what you can do to move the needle for your business. Whether you’re making money or losing money, we’ll give you the info you need to make a big impact in your business.

At Harvest Tax & Accounting, we understand most business owners would prefer not to spend their precious time managing all of their financials. We are working every day to find ways to make financial transaction processing simple, timely and affordable for you and your business.